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Top Principles of Web Design You Must Know

To continue the theme of this blog looking into all aspects of business, we will discuss web design principles and how you can better manage your developments.

Top Principles of Web Design You Must Know

Beauty can be seen in many different ways and is often judged differently by others, especially when it comes to effective web design. The beauty of your website is going to be reviewed by your target audience, not necessarily by the site owners. When you are considering creating a website, many factors could affect the usability and functionality of the site.

1. Business Objectives First

Effective web design always takes into account the user clicking through it. Think about what the web visitors are interested in learning and knowing. These are questions to consider when you are creating a website. Your site needs to fulfill a particular need and the purpose needs to be prevalent.

2. Typeface

Often, web designs forget how great font is. Arial is a font as well as Verdana that can easily be read when you are online. The ideal font for a website should be at sized appropriately, and there should not be more than three different types of typefaces.

3. Images

A picture can indeed speak thousands of words, and when you are picking out the right pictures for your website, it can help with branding and the connection with the users. High qualify, professional photos are best for websites, and purchasing stock photos can lift the look and feel of your site.

4. Easy Navigation

Finally, effective website design has got to have the user in mind. Logical page hierarchy, breadcrumb usage, and clickable buttons are all tactics that are effective when it comes to web design. The ‘three click rule’ also enters into play for a useful website; it means that the user will find everything they need in less than three clicks.

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