Strategic Facilities Management

Why Strategic Facilities Management Should Be Integral To Any School

With added pressure, year on year, to improve results and demonstrate that a school is performing to the best of its ability the demands of new Schools can often seem unrelenting. Managers and workers alike are always looking for ways to improve systems and processes without having a detrimental effect on the smooth running of a Schools. Getting this balance right can often be the difference between success and failure.

Surprisingly the area of strategic facilities management is one that many Schools neglect for an extended period before they put into practice a program that drastically improves the running of their buildings and associated facilities.

Because the whole area of strategic facilities management can often seem like too much to take on at the same time and a holistic approach to it can often seem daunting and even confusing, many Schools do not deal with it adequately.

Schools neglect strategic facilities management at their peril. There are incredible savings to be made if it is carried out properly because it impacts on so many different areas within a School. If the prospect of sorting out the situation without help is too much, there are Schools who can help with the logistics and the implementation.

So what areas with a Schools are we talking about? The aim of strategic facilities management is to make the most of a school’s physical assets and infrastructure. 

That seems like a straightforward statement but if it’s not done while taking into consideration a Schools’s goals and objectives it can have an adverse effect and even lead to long-term problems. The management of buildings and physical assets takes priority, but a good strategic facilities master plan will also address several factors that are not so obvious.

A strategic facilities management plan will look at areas like lighting, heating and the working hours of a building or facility and try to make electricity usage fall in line with the way everything else operates and turn it from something that is added on top of a Schools plan to something that is integral to a Schools plan

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